Costa Rica Solo is so Amazing!

I wanted my first trip to Costa Rica to be a bit more organized than my other trips. I’d never been to Central America and was a bit unsure as a solo traveler, what to expect. So, all my hotels and transportation were pre-booked prior to leaving.

As soon as I landed, all my fears disappeared. Costa Rica has the most friendly people I’ve very met traveling. I never felt unsafe the whole trip.

I planned to spend about ten days in Costa Rica, in three different places. First, I spent some time at the amazing resort, The Retreat, in Alajuela Province.

The Retreat

This resort is a health and wellness property, part of the Healing hotels of the world. Yoga, healthy meals, spa treatments…I was in heaven.

Solo traveling to this resort was so easy– there were a ton of people travelling by themselves and they had a communal table to eat your meals at each day. The Retreat solo score: 10/10.

After five days, I took a taxi down to my next hotel, Villa Caletas. I had the resort order a taxi for me ahead of time so I knew the driver was someone they trusted and who wouldn’t rip me off.

At Villa Caletas I was given an upgrade (whoo hoo) and was again in hotel heaven. This was more of a proper hotel so you could get room service, etc. First thing I did after arriving was book a tour to Manuel Antonio park for the next morning. I highly recommend you check when tours are available right away as sometimes the hotel won’t run a tour if it’s just you. 🙁

I visited the park as part of a group guided tour for the day. I highly recommend doing it this way instead of on your own, simply due to the fact that the animals are really hard to spot. If you do want to go solo, there are buses that will take you to the park and you can walk through on your own. Be prepared to get pestered by many guides though looking for your business!

After staying a few days in Villa Caletas, I headed down to Los Suenos to spend some time closer the ocean. I stayed at the Marriott Los Suenos which was a great resort but very family oriented.

Los Suenos Marriott

The tour desk at the hotel wouldn’t set up a tour for me to see the crocodiles because I was only one person. I ended up calling the tour operator myself and they set up transportation for me. I would recommend you do this if you are traveling alone.

This hotel was lovely if you just wanted to lounge by the pool but it was pretty loud during the day and had a lot of kids. I also didn’t find it easy to meet new people.

Over all I loved my solo trip to Costa Rica! I met a lot of great people, had some amazing experiences and will for sure return. Next time I go I am going to rent a car. Stay tuned for how that turns out!!

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