My top 10 favorite travel accessories

Solo travelling is something I’ve been doing for years now and over the years, I’ve collected tons of travel accessories. Some accessories have worked out better than others (inflatable neck pillow- just say no)!

My favorite travel accessories are ones I can use over and over and that help make my travel experience a smoother one. In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite ones:

1. Noise cancelling headphones

You will be amazed at the difference some good quality headphones have on your plane journey. I usually will use noise canceling headphones in combination with a white noise app on my phone and block out the world on overnight flights. Works like a charm. I prefer the in ear ones just because they take up less space but either way, they are a game changer for overnight flights.

2. Aeropress

My biggest regret is only finding this in the last year. I have suffered through so many cups of bad coffee on my trips that could have been avoided with my trusty Aeropress. What’s an Aeropress?- why it’s only the best portable coffee maker I’ve ever tried. This little guy will be coming on all my trips from now on!

3. Reusable water bottle

I take my water bottle with me on all my trips because I hate paying for water and don’t like the idea of adding to the plastic problem. If you are traveling somewhere you can’t drink the water, consider getting a water bottle with a purifier to take with you.

All airports will let you bring an empty water bottle through security and most have water fountains in the departures lounge.

4. Cosy Socks

They are a bit old, but soooo cosy!

I don’t care how hot it is where I am traveling, I always bring a pair of my cosy socks. They are great for the plane and any hotel room with air conditioning. There is nothing worse for me than having cold feet and trying to sleep!

5. Travel power bank

I picked up a power bank a few years ago after the place I used to live in lost power two days in a row. This portable back up power pack will charge your electronics when no sockets are available or you don’t have the correct plug. I use my power bank on long plane trips and when camping.

6. SPF stick

I don’t know about you but I try my hardest to never check a bag. So, my liquids have to be small and essentials. I was thrilled to find an SPF that was in stick form to use on my face and body. It takes up no space at all and it’s solid so I don’t have to worry about it leaking, etc. This is a game changer for me!

I like to choose a mineral sunscreen that is more coral reef friendly than the normal chemical sunscreens. Keep that in mind if you are visiting anywhere with oceans or lakes.

7. E-travel book

I love to travel solo and it’s great to be able to read up on where I’m visiting as I eat lunch/dinner. I used to buy travel books all the time and take them with me on my trips but I found them too cumbersome to lug around with me everyday. Now, I just download an ebook travel guide for wherever I’m visiting on my phone. So much easier!

8. Selfie stick/tripod

Okay, so this may be a controversial one for some people but after I propped up my phone on a railing and almost lost it, I’ve been a convert to the selfie stick. I recommend a tripod selfie stick so you can get some great shots of you from far away. Mine even has a remote! I have to admit, I’m still a bit embarrassed to use my selfie stick in public but I’m getting over it.

9. Reusable bag

I always tuck one of these in my pocket when i’m out sightseeing. A lot of places these days are not using plastic bags anymore and it’s just better to not have to buy a bag. It also works in a pinch at the airport if I buy too much and need somewhere to stash my snacks and cosy socks.

Eye mask and ear plugs

I don’t see any mess in my kitchen with this on!

Along with my noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask and ear plugs are my favorite items for having better flights and sleeping well in hotel rooms. I wish I’d thought of getting an eye mask when I was traveling across Australia and sleeping in 12 person dorms! Anyways, those days are over but I still find I get such a great sleep with my mask and ear plugs.

I hope you found this list of my favorite travel accessories useful and maybe picked up a tip or two that may help you on your next trip. Do you have a favorite travel accessory that comes with you on your trips??

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