A food tour in Montmarte, Paris

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A food tour in Europe has been on my to do list forever! I love traveling to Paris any chance I get. When I saw a cheap flight online in December, I jumped at the chance to see the city at Christmas. Since I was going to be there alone, I thought it would be fun to join some tours and meet people.

I found Secret Food tours online and liked the idea of how the tour was set up. Basically, the group went to local boulangeries (bakeries), butchers, chocolate and of course, cheese shops where we tried some samples and our host selected some “secret” foods for us to try later.

Group Walk

Our group consisted of about 12 people from all over the world. There was a couple from India who had just arrived, a few Americans, Couple British folk and me. The guide made sure everyone was included in the tastings and created a really welcoming atmosphere.

We had a great time walking through Montmarte, admiring the lights and blending in (well, sort of) with the locals who were doing their evening shopping. Two samples of each type of food was sampled at each stop and while we were chomping away, our guide was sharing information on the history of the food, as well as how it is used in Paris today.

There were fascinating stories of what region of France the goats should come from for the best cheese and the Parisian art to picking a great baguette. We visited a lovely chocolate shop where we tasted some of the best macaroons i had ever had. I bought my mom some chocolates there for Christmas and she said they were the best she had ever tasted.

Group meal

Once we finished our sampling tour of Montmarte, we went back to the tour’s office and headed downstairs to a lovely cellar. There was a long table we all sat around and the guide selected some champagne for us to try. She then unwrapped her “secret” foods that she had picked up from each of the shops and we started eating.

Each new food unwrapped was a great treat. Tasting the freshest cheese, followed by some fantastic meat and baguette, I was in heaven. All meals were paired with wine (it flowed!) and added to our jovial evening.

We ended the evening with my new favourite obsession- coffee eclairs. These were the most amazing dessert I have every tried and if you are in Paris and don’t try one of these, I will be mad at you. I would seriously consider a stopover in Paris just to have one of these again.

Highly Recommended

All in all, I would highly recommend this food tour for anyone who loves French food and wants to learn about the history of it as well. There is an evening tour which I think is best as you get to have some wine and then end the evening. Also, come hungry! You will be full when you leave for sure.

Have you been on a food tour before? If so, let me know where! I’m always up for another tour.

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