Iceberg hunting in Newfoundland

The first time I saw an iceberg, I ruined a pair of heels and was late for work. I was so excited when I saw a newspaper article in St. John’s Newfoundland about a new iceberg in the harbor that I forgot I was actually on my way to work. A few minutes of trekking through muddy fields and I had my first iceberg shot. It’s been love ever since.

The prime time to see Icebergs is from April-June in Newfoundland and you’ll need to know where they are being spotted. How do you find them? Well, the best way is to use the Icebergfinder App.h

They provide up to date info on spotted icebergs with pictures. Now, you will need a car and a bit of patience to find them but it’s so fun to just drive and spot them on the shore.

I’ve had the most success in the Twillingate area, where you can often see three or four close together. You can also take boat tours that take you super close to icebergs! Wear warm close on those tours, even in June! There are tours that go out from Twillingate a few times a day and it’s a very entertaining trip.

If you are really keen to see lot’s of icebergs, start on the west coast of Newfoundland and follow the “Iceberg Alley” all the way down the coast to St. John’s. I can assure you, if you go in iceberg season, you won’t be disappointed.

Travel tip: Newfoundland tourism is really busy during iceberg season and in the summer so it’s essential to book a rental car as far in advance as you can. You should also book your accommodation at the same time too.

Have you ever seen an Iceberg in person??

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