Solo dining adventure in Amsterdam

Eating out while traveling solo is a fear for a lot of travelers but it doesn’t have to be scary!  With some research beforehand and an open mind, you can have some great solo dining experiences!

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with a ton of great restaurants.  While on my last solo trip, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and take myself to a fancy restaurant in Amsterdam. 

How to have a great Solo dining experience:


Since I was going solo to Amsterdam, I decided to do some research to find a restaurant atmosphere where I would feel most comfortable.

 Travel tip: besides reading reviews, look online at pictures of the restaurants see if it has an atmosphere you want.  Typically, I want bar type seating with a casual atmosphere.

I chose Daalder, for my fancy solo dining experience.  It is a restaurant in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.  They served a set 7 course menu with optional wine pairings and it was perfect!

Sitting at the bar was great. You were close enough to people that if you wanted to have a chat, you could, but you could have also pulled out a book and had a relaxing meal.

The meal was delicious and I savoured every course as I sat at the bar. I chatted with other diners and felt totally comfortable as I sipped my wine.

I’m still dreaming of the butter…so good.

I ended off the night with a delicious Stroopwaffle and headed back to my bed and breakfast. I felt very safe walking back on my own through the streets of Amsterdam and even took this lovely shot on the way back.

Take some reading material

I always bring my iPad or a book to help occupy my time waiting for my meal. I’ll take notes on my iPad on what I where I want to visit the next day. It’s a great use of my time and gets me focused on my trip.

Try take out

I’m a big fan of having take out from nice restaurants in the evening. Usually I’ve been out walking all day and am feeling really tired. You’d be surprised at how many restaurants in Amsterdam do take out. Just give them a call and ask how long it will take to order!

My favourite places to dine solo in Amsterdam:

The Pancake Bakery The line can be a bit daunting but being a solo diner you usually are put at a shared table. Great option if you want to chat with others!

Locals Coffee– Great for a quick lunch! The cosy bench seating was my favourite.


Van Gogh Museum Cafe– Go to the Van Gogh museum in the morning and then have lunch at this amazing cafe. It’s a full restaurant. Try the apple pie!

Cafe Toussaint– A local favourite, it’s located a bit further out from the centre but worth the walk! Great Dutch food in a quaint environment. It can get busy so I recommend lunch here over dinner.

I know that dining alone can be a worrying issue for some when traveling alone but it doesn’t have to be! In Amsterdam, there are a ton of great restaurants that are fantastic for solo dining. If you are feeling unsure, a little research to find a place that makes you feel comfortable will help ensure a great dinner.

Let me know if you’ve had any great dinners out solo in Amsterdam!!

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