Solo dining adventure in Amsterdam

Each time I go on a trip, I like to do something special for myself, besides of course, being on a trip!

This time I decided to step outside my comfort zone and take myself out to a fancy restaurant in Amsterdam.  Not just any fancy restaurant, a Michelin star restaurant. Michelin stars are now considered a hallmark of fine dining by many restaurants, not to mention visitors.

Since I was going solo, I decided to do some research to find a restaurant atmosphere where I would feel most comfortable.  Travel tip: besides reading reviews, look online at pictures of the restaurants see if it has an atmosphere you want.  Typically, I wanted bar type seating with a casual atmosphere.

I chose Daalder, which was an amazing restaurant in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.  They served a set 7 course menu with optional wine pairings and it was perfect!

Sitting at the bar was great. You were close enough to people that if you wanted to have a chat, you could, but you could have also pulled out a book and had a relaxing meal.

The meal was delicious and I savoured every course as I sat at the bar. I chatted with other diners and felt totally comfortable as I sipped my wine.

I’m still dreaming of the butter…so good.

I ended off the night with a delicious Stroopwaffle and headed back to my bed and breakfast. I felt very safe walking back on my own through the streets of Amsterdam and even took this lovely shot on the way back.

I know that dining alone can be a worrying issue for some when traveling alone but it doesn’t have to be! If you are feeling unsure, a little research to find a place that makes you feel comfortable will help ensure a great dinner.

Let me know if you’ve had any great dinners out solo!!

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