Solo travel guide to Fogo Island

Fogo island was always on my “must do” list but it kept getting pushed to my to do pile each year. Finally, I decided to book a solo trip in May and try and see what this beautiful Newfoundland island was all about.

You have to take a ferry to Fogo island but it’s not possible to prebook your spot so if it’s a busy time of year (summer, holiday weekend etc), make sure you are at the ferry at least an hour before to line up.

I stayed in an amazing SaltBox House called Aunt Glady’s House. The place was completely renovated with a breathtaking view of the ocean. Travel tip: I highly recommend having all your accommodation booked prior to going to Fogo or you may be out of luck.

If money is no object, take a look at the Fogo Island Inn for a stay. I visited for lunch (much more economical)! The meal was amazing and I was able to walk around the grounds after my meal for some great shots.

Fogo’s Art community has created some studios for artists where they live and work for short periods of time. I had great fun driving around and visiting these studios. You’ll need a car and they aren’t easy to find! There is only one of them that is visible from the road.

Fogo is a really seasonal place so if you are there in the off season (Oct-May) you will not have a lot of choices for dining. I basically ate at the same place every night. I would recommend taking some food with you for lunches while you are exploring the area.

I did some great hiking in Fogo, including the amazing Brimstone Head trail. The flat earth society believes it’s one of the four corners of the earth. The views were incredible and I was even able to see some icebergs from the top. Check out my post on iceberg hunting! Dress warm…my fingers have yet to warm up!

You can easily drive across Fogo in about an hour or so. Don’t miss Tilting at the end of the island with its cute houses!

If you are doing a tour of Newfoundland, don’t pass on Fogo. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever been and it’s got a special feeling you can’t describe unless you experience it first hand. I’m already planning my next trip back!

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