Visiting a coffee plantation in Costa Rica

I’m a coffee fanatic so I knew I wanted to visit a coffee farm when I was in Costa Rica. On my trip to the Alajuela Province, I stayed at the Retreat which happened to be close to an organic coffee farm. Read more about that stay in the Costa Rica in this post.

The hotel set up a tour to a sustainable organic coffee farm called El Toledo Coffee. They practice permaculture farming practices and provide you with a talk and then tour of the grounds.

Learning about the organic coffee way of farming

After a talk from one of the owners, you get to do a coffee “taste test” and see if you can identify the difference between brewed purcolator coffee and the organic coffee.

Coffee taste testing

Next we checked out how they roast the coffee in the oldest roaster I have ever see ! I wish they had smell-o-vision right now so you could smell how awesome this roaster was.

The roster in action!

The farm focuses on using as much of the coffee bean as possible to avoid waste. They make a products such as wine and tea to use different parts of the bean.

Next we went on a tour of the farm to check out the hillside growing area. Walking up the hills you would see a coffee plant planted beside a banana tree. It’s a bit hot on the tour so bring a bottle of water with you for the walk!

Touring the coffee plants on the hillside.

On the family owned farm tour, I learned about organic farming practices and how chemicals in coffee damages our environment. It’s made me much more aware of what I’m drinking and how it’s made. I encourage you to go on a coffee tour if you are at all interested in coffee. It’s made me feel much more connected to Costa Rica and what I’m drinking.

The coffee bean in the early stage.

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